Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses, Malware, Adware, Spyware, Rootkits, Trojans: All of these programs can infect your system and compromise your data and computer. We have the ability to get these malicious programs and install software that will help protect you from future infections.
For computers with major infections, we offer a system restore service which reverts your system back to it’s original factory settings. We can also transfer any uninfected data to the restored or new computer.

Wireless Networking

It’s time to cut those wires. Establishing a wireless connection in your home or business will give you the extra mobility to surf the web and print from anywhere in the building. BRINET also offers a number of range-boosting methods to ensure that your current wireless signal is reached from every room in your home or business.

Network Cable and Low Voltage Wiring

Is your business expanding? If so, you may need to add more network and phone access. We offer network and low voltage wiring services for both small and large businesses.

Data Backup Solutions

We know your data is important. This is why we take measures in protecting it. Whether it’s an onsite or offsite backup, you can rest assured that your information is secure and backed up in case of a hard drive crash or computer malfunction.

Onsite Business and Residential

If you have a problem with your technology, we can help. Sometimes it can feel impossible to unhook your devices and drag them into a store. We provide you with the luxury of servicing your technology at your home or place of business. No more worrying about hauling your computer back to your house and trying to hook it properly.

Network Security and Network Configuration

Leaving your home or business network unprotected leaves an open door for intruders and viruses to invade your computers. With the right network configuration and security setup, we can put an end to any unauthorized access to your network.

Computer Maintenance

Is your computer running slow? Like cars, computers need tune ups. We go diagnose your system and remove any unwanted programs, unnecessary processes that run in the background, and any malicious viruses that can be doing damage to your computer. We also offer hardware upgrades, such as RAM, that will help speed up your computer.

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